Tips and Information

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Lippy’s Furniture & Antiques will send a periodic electronic newsletter to all customers that register their e-mail address with them. This will include some on-going information about Lippy’s Antiques and provide some up-to-date information on the state of the antique markets on a periodic basis We need to point out the Lippy’s Antique Newsletter is completely free and does not incur a fee of any sort when you register your interest.

Your information and the database list is safe with us and will not be used in any other business promotion. If for some reason, you no longer wish to be registered for this newsletter, you can unregister and your details will be taken off the database list.


A more beneficial aspect of registering for ‘Lippy’s Antiques Newsletter’ is another service known as ‘Lippy’s InfoNotes’. InfoNotes are antique and collectible articles that can be downloaded and are made available to you ‘free of charge’. InfoNotes are articles written by Kevin and deal with specific antique and collectible topics in greater depth and detail than you would normally find elsewhere. Many people have indicated Kevin’s articles are well researched, use the best information available and are well written.

One such InfoNote for example is the article, ‘Caring for and Storing Silverware’. It is a three page document and deals with topics such as; the types of silverware, dining and decorative; cleaning; polishing and the best storage methods. This excellent InfoNote is downloadable to you free of charge as a service from Lippy’s Furniture & Antiques.

InfoNotes vary in length from 2-3 pages to several pages depending on the complexity of some topics. These articles all maintain an inherent accuracy and integrity and often contain sought-after information for collectors. The InfoNote series is an on-going project with other articles planned depending on the time available to write them and the demand for such information.