Silver Services

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Metals such as silver can be washed in warm soapy water and then rubbed up using a cloth to polish the item. If tarnish is heavy there are several creams and foams that will aid cleaning. If this doesn’t produce a good ‘finish’, you may need to get your item professionally cleaned and polished. This is where Lippy’s Furniture & Antiques can help.

Lippy’s will polish brass, silver and other metals as a service to its customer base for a fee. However, in the case of plated metals such as silver, sometimes the top or plated coat (silver) can wear away and in this case the item will need to be replated.

If you would like us to polish your item or you are in doubt what to do, bring it in to us, we will assess it and determine the best course of action. We will then discuss the ‘course of action’ with you or provide you with a small report.


Cutlery Matching Service

Lippy’s has numerous items of Electro Plated Nickel Silver (EPNS), other type of plated silver cutlery and some sterling silver. They vary in size, shape, use and brand, but they are antique or vintage items that have been restored. The thing these items have in common is that they have been replated and are generally in excellent condition. They are all old items that have been renovated to ‘all intensive conditions’ an almost new item again.

As a customer, if you have a cutlery set that is missing a few pieces or have a few pieces in your set that do not match. This is often a source of frustration and annoyance. To fill ‘those gaps’ or update those items that spoil your set. Contact us with a:

  • suitable description,
  • photograph of any pattern,
  • the brand and any other markings, and
  • pieces you require.

We will give you a quote to supply the items you require, but most pieces will cost you about $20 – $30.00.