Meet Kevin

Kevin LintonLippy’s Furniture & Antiques is operated by Kevin Linton. As proprietor, Kevin opened his first store in 2008, but this does not reflect he has had a life-long ‘affair’ with collecting. When younger he collected feathers, cards, rocks, bottle tops, stamps and many other things. He believes that particular objects, when handled, can evoke fond memories of far away and historical places. The simple beauty of a well designed and functional piece of wooden furniture from ‘the turn of the century’ or the flowing lines of an art deco figurine provide pleasure to the eye, can be functional and can add a new dimension to one’s life.

Kevin believes his love of antiques stemmed primarily from stamp collecting (philately) from an early age. This passion has waxed and waned throughout his life depending on what else was happening at the time. He has indicated, “it’s good to have an eye for detail when dealing with stamps” and believes some of the skills gained while collecting stamps have been transferred to his antique business.

Kevin is now resident of Finley, NSW, but previously had his antique shop in Tatura where he was a resident for about 20 years. He has a number of tertiary qualifications and worked in the environmental, rural water and agricultural industries as a scientist/engineer. He has travelled overseas a number of times and lived in the USA for 18 months in the 1980’s. Kevin has also been active in the local community by being a member to a number of community organisations and has been active in a local service club for a number of years. He also operates a business management consultancy that provides ‘information, troubleshooting and consultancy’ services;

He believes he is an open, friendly person who smiles and is keen to share information with people who have similar ideals. He explains that Lippy’s Furniture & Antiques is happy to trade on its reputation of honesty and fair play. He hopes you enjoy your visit to Lippy’s Antiques portal and trust that any purchase meets your expectations. ‘If for some reason those expectations are not met, the object can be returned in good order and your money will be refunded’.

Good luck and best wishes,
Kevin Linton