Market Place

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The concept of the Lippy’s Furniture & Antique ‘Market Place’ is to provide an avenue to match ‘buyers’ and ‘sellers’ of antiques and collectibles on a commission basis as an extension to our business. For example, a person that is interested in purchasing a particular antique lounge suite, can specify what they are looking for, including such things as condition rating and price and when said items are purchased, Lippy’s Furniture & Antiques will arrange for monetary exchange and charge a commission on sale. Please note there will be a listing fee to nominate items for both Buyers and Sellers and a commission will be paid from both parties. This will not exceed a total of 25% for combined parties. Commission will be charged on a sliding scale depending on items value.

The reasons that you may wish to use ‘Market Place’ and not auction sites such as E-Bay and others include:-

  • An auction reserve needs to be set ‘too high’ and buyers are unwilling to bid resulting in ‘no sale’,
  • The risk of selling an item ‘too cheaply’ as the auction reserve is set low to attract buyers. However, there are insufficient bidders to gain a reasonable price,
  • ‘Market Place’ is ‘overseen’ by Kevin who is an antique dealer and this helps to ensure that correct descriptions are used to describe items.

    Kevin has indicated that most things can be bought or sold depending on the following situation. The price on ‘exchange’ will depend on:- Availability and rarity; Quality and condition; and the State of the market at the time of ‘exchange’. Kevin also says, “have a go, the first price offered may not secure the item for an exchange, but a negotiated price usually does”.