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Sterling Silver and Silverplated Wares
In some ‘circles’ there is confusion about the difference between Sterling and Silver-plated silverware. Although, both may be marked, it is only Sterling silver that is hallmarked according to British hallmark legislation for solid silver (although, this will vary depending on what country the silver originated from). Expensive Sterling pieces are often much older than the silver-plated ware.

Terms and Origins of Wooden Furniture
When we talk about furniture, we say it is in the Art Deco or Retro style or it is Vintage, Antique, Edwardian, Victorian or Georgian. Some of these terms are used across many types of articles and others are generally used more specifically for furniture.

Caring for and Storing SilverWare
Decorative and Dinning silver can add beauty and elegance to a table, crystal cabinet or buffet. In these days of endless consumerism and throw away goods, using silver is a reminder of ‘a way of living’ that values the finer things of life. It’s nice to touch, it reflects the light beautifully and it’s not that difficult to care for.