About Us

Meet Kevin
Lippy’s Furniture & Antiques is operated by Kevin Linton. As proprietor, Kevin opened his first store in 2008, but this does not reflect he has had a life-long ‘affair’ with collecting. When younger he collected feathers, cards, rocks, bottle tops and many other things. He believes that particular objects, when handled, can evoke fond memories of far away and historical places.

Business Model
Lippy’s Furniture & Antiques buys and sells higher value antiques and collectibles and will deal in better quality bric-a-brac. Many of the items purchased by Lippy’s are lovingly renovated by specialist craftsmen such as; silversmiths, furniture makers, cabinet makers and upholsterers.

Conservation Aspect
In many ways the antique and ‘older product type’ buyer is the ultimate ‘greenie’ or recycler. Purchasing, restoring and particularly using older items mean these things have been saved from the ‘waste disposal bin’. This also means these items have been substituted for the purchase of newly manufactured ones.

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